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Which 3 breeds are the easiest to train?

When it comes to obedience training, not all dogs are created equal. Many dogs are difficult to train, and even some of the top 3 breeds that are easier to train can be a challenge for even the best dog trainer. Here are, in no particular order, the top 3 dog breeds that are easier to train than others.

Border collie

Many famous dogs were border collies, and for good reason. Border collies are easy to train and generally very obedient. It’s worth noting that the bitches tend to be a little easier to train than their male counterparts. Maybe that’s because the females tend to be more caring.

German shepherd dog

It is not for nothing that police stations across the country use German Shepherds. Their K-9 units know how to train them, and the dogs respond well to trainers and training methods. You can be very protective of the family and still be gentle with young children. Known for their ability to hunt and catch criminals, this breed is also great as a family dog.

Shetland sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdogs make a lot of dogs with a very gentle disposition. They are very easy going and very obedient. They love to romp and play and will often prefer the company of a playing child to an adult. They meander or stroll around, taking their time. They can be very easily taught to sit, lie down, and shake hands. This breed has a tendency to bark only when something serious happens, e.g. B. a new dog in the area, a stranger or something else that does not suit their habitat.


Two other breeds worth mentioning are the Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd. Both are relatively easy to train and can make great additions for most families if trained properly.

Any dog ​​is able to learn well with obedience training. However, the above breeds tend to learn faster and retain the skills they have learned. Again, in all cases the females of the breeds tend to learn faster and stick to training. It is important that training begin as soon as the dog is brought home and if there are any problems you should always seek the help of a professional trainer.

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