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The number 1 reason dogs are killed every year

Actually, there are 2 # 1 reasons why dogs are killed every year and this article is going to tell you all about both of them.

The first # 1 reason so many dogs die each year is the lack of training of their owners. Yes, you’ve probably seen it by now. A family buys a puppy and he gets bigger and bigger, but nobody takes the time to train them. I think some of these owners think that the dog will figure out what is right and what is wrong on its own.

We all know that is not the case. ALL dogs require training, both large and small dogs benefit from knowing the rules of the house. The next thing you know is the dog knocks over the kids and chews up all of the furniture so the family decides to get rid of the dog and it ends up in the shelter.

And now comes the worst: give them a few months and they will do it again.

Failure to exercise your dog increases the likelihood that he will end up in a shelter and be euthanized.

Here’s the next # 1 reason dogs die, and I’ve seen it over and over again. There are actually 2 versions, but both have the same ending.

A new dog owner feels the need to lead their puppy or dog outside without a leash. The dog sees a rabbit or other dog across the street and rushes out into the street to chase this funny animal. You can guess the ending. Yes, here comes a car and runs over the dog. How sad and what a sad mistake that allowed this to happen.

Never walk your dog in an unprotected area without a leash.

I’ve seen that too many times over the years. You open the door and the dog jumps out and onto the street. You know how it ends. I have customers who say the kids go out and the dog sneaks past them. Then put a latch on the door that the kids can’t reach so they’ll have to call you to get out while you hold the dog down.

Of course, teaching your dog to NEVER cross the doorstep until you give a special command is very helpful. In the meantime, however, make sure someone holds the dog when the door is opened.

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