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The 5 worst breeds for new dog owners

Those who have never owned a dog before but want to do so in the near future should know that there are some breeds that are best avoided. That is, if you want to become a new dog owner. So here are the 5 worst breeds for new dog owners.

1. Bullmastiff- This breed of dog may be very loyal to their owners and they are very protective of their families when necessary, but they are a demanding breed of dog and new dog owners should not get a dog. There are a number of reasons for this, the first being that they can weigh around 100-130 pounds, which means they could end up becoming overpowering. You have to provide a Bullmastiff with positive training and withstand him, and he has a very high prey drive.

2. Rottweiler- The Rottweiler is a massive dog and some of them can be extremely gentle, but if owned by the wrong owner then a Rottweiler can be a very scary dog. In other words, new dog owners should avoid getting this breed, as it is best suited for those who can play a dominant role. This means that Rottweilers want someone to be the boss because if you aren’t, then he’ll be taking on the boss role. Also, let’s keep in mind that many Rottweilers weigh well over 100 pounds, and some can weigh up to 135 pounds.

3. Chow chows may look lovely and cuddly and are just a lovable dog, but the truth is they can be very stubborn at times, and before you can get the results you want with them, you need to be ready to do a lot of training to do with them. Chows are sometimes known to be aggressive towards dogs, and they can be very suspicious of strangers.

4. The Akita- This is another breed of dog that new dog owners shouldn’t get because training them can be quite a challenge. In addition, they likely need to be exercised for 20-30 minutes a day, and they have high prey instincts, so they must always be kept on a leash. While these dogs are intelligent and beautiful, they are best for people who have owned dogs before.

Dalmatians – Many children and adults automatically think of Disney movies and cartoons when they see this breed of dog. They are also known as the fire engine, and they are best known for their distinguished looks, as they can often be seen with black spots all over their fur. However, they have so much energy that they can even become devastating when bored, so only experienced dog owners should have one as a pet.

The above breeds aren’t bad dogs. However, they are generally best for experienced dog owners. If you’re looking to get yourself a dog in the near future, don’t get any of the five breeds listed above.

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