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Dog Training Secrets – How to Become an Alpha Animal

Stop your dog’s behavior problems by learning the secrets of dog training. You have to learn how to become the Alpha Animal in your home. If you don’t, you may have a problem with your dog’s training.

Dogs are pack animals and they have retained the instinct and concept of a pack leader. You will be the pack leader in your home if you learn the steps below that I have outlined in this article.

You need to proclaim yourself an alpha animal right from the start of your relationship. You must also enforce this position throughout your relationship.

Your household members must be aware of the enforcement of this position. If the members of your household do not enforce your position as superior to your dog, the dog will try to take its place in the ranking system. This is quite natural because of his pack instinct. The problem is, you can’t let this happen!

A dog becomes confused when one person gives it freedom to do things and another person in the household does not. He won’t know the appropriate response.

See his world through his eyes. He looks to the alpha animal to dominate.

Follow these tips and you will be successful if you are in charge.

1) Adolescent dog
A growing dog, between the ages of 6 months and 14 months, will try to increase its position in the hierarchy. During this time you need to be extra vigilant so that his hormonally changed behavior does not become a permanent problem.

2) Sleeping dogs need to move
Don’t go so far as to disturb your sleeping dog. But if he’s sleeping on the floor, a doorway, or a sidewalk, you can get him to move so you can pass by. You want to keep your alpha position. This will strengthen your position.

3) Move in front of your dog
You should never allow your dog to go through a door first. The alpha animal has right of way and you must use this right of way at all times. Let him sit or wait while you walk through first. In the wild, the alpha animal goes first and everyone in the pack follows it.

4) Alphas eat first
Make sure your dog eats after all family members have eaten. Then you can feed him. This also underlines the wild leadership of the pack, in which the alpha animal eats first before the other dogs follow further down the chain.

5) Treats
Do not feed your dog treats without he or she has earned the privilege. Feeding him scraps of food from the table encourages bad behavior. A dog will harass people while they are at the dining table, and this can become a difficult habit to break.

Using treats as a training aid will devalue the food in your dog’s eyes if you give him treats at any other time. If you’re only using treats for training purposes, then you’ll get a good reaction from your buddy.

6) I’m at home
When you get home, don’t greet your dog right away. Let your dog go to his crib, bed, or other room. This will keep you in the alpha dog position. Greet everyone in the household; put away your groceries or whatever you need to do and then call your friend over. Personally, I find it difficult to get this through because we are both so happy to see each other.

7) I want to go outside
The exception to this tip is if you are house training your puppy or dog. Otherwise, make him wait when he wants to go outside, or even let him go to his bed or basket for a few minutes before taking him outside.

8) obedience
If your dog does not obey a command you give him within two to three seconds, then he is either ignoring you and your alpha dog position is threatened or he does not understand the command – he needs further training.

9) Be physical
You may need to correct inappropriate behavior and send a strong message that the behavior is inappropriate in order to establish yourself as an alpha animal.

Give the command “sit”, stay calm and put your hand around the dog’s muzzle. Don’t squeeze him. Hold it tight so it can’t turn away. Make eye contact and tell him in a stern voice … “Bad dog”. Only apply as much pressure as necessary to keep him quiet. Send him to another room, his bed, or a box and ignore your friend for 15 minutes.

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